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Dr Chrispy

VHS Limited Edition Photo Disc (CD)

VHS Limited Edition Photo Disc (CD)

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Showcasing Dr Chrispy's painstaking attention to detail, this limited first edition compact disc features a double page spread photograph shot inside the cockpit of a vintage Boeing 747 aircraft. The disc photography lines up with the cover, and hidden behind the disc is a shout out to one of Dr Chrispy's greatest film influences, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Track listing:

  1. Be There Soon
  2. Gotta Getta Gatta
  3. Sleeping in Tokyo
  4. Blue Sky Line
  5. Vanmover
  6. Goodbye Shanghai
  7. 60 Miles Up
  8. Muromigawa
  9. Vancouver
  10. Torotoroid
  11. Dreaming of Home
  12. I'm Going Down (Under)
  13. Sea
  14. Maui
  15. Follow the Wild Geese
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