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Dr Chrispy

VHS Remixed (CD)

VHS Remixed (CD)

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The perfect remix companion to Dr Chrispy's debut VHS Album. Featuring artwork by Drew Mcgaraghan and packaged with the Atomic Eco pack, a new, simple, economical and eco-friendly packaging for CD duplication and DVD duplication. The Atomic eco-pack™ is similar to a CD jacket, except it uses no glue!

Track listing:

  1. Follow the Wild Geese (T-ROM Remix)
  2. Be There Soon (The Stunt Man's 13 bit Remix)
  3. Sleeping in Tokyo (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
  4. Be There Soon (Manor Sound Remix)
  5. Be There Soon (T-ROM Remix)
  6. 60 Miles Up
  7. Muromigawa (Synthapex Remix)
  8. 60 Miles Up (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
  9. Vancouver (Manor Sound Remix)
  10. Be There Soon (B Wiley Remix)
  11. Follow the Wild Geese (Instrumental)
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